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Will I be able to drink enough water after surgery?

Many patients have difficulty eating and drinking in the first weeks after surgery. The contents of the stomach are small, and it is no longer possible to drink an entire glass in one go. To drink 1,5 liters per day, you have to drink 150 ml approximately every hour (when you are awake). It is recommended not to drink while eating and not to drink at least half an hour before or after the meal.  

The drinking moments are in between eating times. This has to do with the small volume that the stomach can now only handle and to prevent for “dumping” complaints. When you are on a trip, you can bring a bottle of water to be sure to get enough fluids. 

If you find it difficult to immediately have breakfast in the morning, you can also start the day with a glass of water. You then have breakfast half an hour later.  

Updated on October 19, 2020

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